About OPENspace – platform for faith, art and existence

OPENspace exists to promote:

– Reflection on links between art, faith and existential reflection

– Fellowship around practising creativity and Christian spirituality

– Networking possibilities for artists

OPENspace’ values:

– Experimentation that enhances

– Openness that acknowledges

– An atmosphere of security that gives freedom

– Spirituality that goes deeper

Further vision

– To provide language for and promoting reflection on faith-related and existential topics and questions related to being an artist

– To encourage and inspire people to integrate faith and artistic processes in their lives for their own sake as well as that of others

– To promote relations among artists in Denmark and Scandinavia as well as inspirators from other countries

The board of OPENspace

– Has the overriding strategic responsibility for the forum and it’s development and for it’s theological profile and broadness

– Seeks to promote the values of OPENspace in all activities in the forum

– Supports event teams

– Can contribute as speakers, proces facilitators and article writers etc.

The board consists of

– Dorte Kappelgaard

– Anne Marie (Rie) Andersen

– Karsten Auerbach

The board strives to always do creative work as well as practise spirituality together as a part of the board meetings and so ’eat our own medicine’.